What is Domani Digital?

Domani Digital is an experienced, successful website and web application development company offering strategy, consulting, development and application support services. 

We are more than just a web development company but rather a network of best of breed professionals. Our methodology has been proven by over 20 years of successful software and web development experience producing many hundreds of projects.

Domani is also an advocate for the advancement of the online industry, promoter of flexible working solutions for employees and environmental sustainability. As our name suggests, Domani is a company for tomorrow.

Whether it be web design, online strategy, project management or online application development, we are sure you will not be disappointed with the care and attention we extend to each of our customers nor the quality of the solution provided.

Technology Agnostic

Domani Digital is proud to be technology non-specific. We treat every project and every client with an open mind. Whatever the requirement and budget – we can put together the best, most appropriate, solution.

Value. Quality. Service

Every solution we propose must deliver on this promise. The best solution is one that: 
- Satisfies the need
- Offers quality
- Is good value 
- Is delivered without stress

The most appropriate solution - guaranteed!

Who are your partners?

At present we have over 50 service partners located around Australia and abroad. This is growing daily and our target is 100 by the end of 2011. These partners are specialists in their field and offer to highest level of quality and service. Our development skill sets include Microsoft Technologies as well as most open source platforms, CRM systems, content management systems and databases. Our team includes experts in the following areas: 

- Web and print design
- Web development
- Software development
- Salesforce.com applications
- Microsoft specialists
- iPhone Application development
- SharePoint design and development
- Hosting including Cloud Computing and virtual solutions
- Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
- Social Media strategy
- Online Marketing
- Brand Management
- Network and Infrastructure
- Online CRM
- Management Consulting
- Recruitment

The future in digital solutions… It’s happening now!

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