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Outsource your IT management

Domani employs only very experienced, customer-focussed professionals. Our team regularly works with our clients offering advice, direction, project management and design services. We have consultants who are specialists in brand development, IT infrastructure, business process and even finance. These resources are available on a per project basis or as on on-going outsourced resource.

Many businesses don't have the need or the budget for full time management level resources in some or all of these areas. It is far more cost-effective and reduces the risk to outsource. These are some of the roles currently being outsourced to Domani's consultants

- Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

- Project Director/Manager

- IT Manager

- Online Strategist

- Independent Consultant for Reviews

- Board Representation

The benefits for you as a small business client

1. We employ high-level, experienced professionals so you don't have to.

2. Reduced cost

3. Reduced risk

4. Access to our knowledge and experience when you need it

5. Access to our huge network of experienced, proven suppliers

Online Strategy

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