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Domani Digital has been building e-commerce websites for over 15 years. For most of this time we had used our own proprietary CMS that allowed us the flexibility and efficiency to create sites without compromise.

With the maturity and advancement of open source software and the communities that have been built around them much of the advantages of a proprietary system have been eroded. In fact customers now know to avoid these types of systems as they lock you in to a supplier.

After researching hundreds of CMS systems, Domani Digital have chosen Magento for most of our e-commerce sites.

Magento is the world’s leading open source e-commerce package with the greatest market share of online stores. As such the community of Magento developers and users is huge throughout the world. In 2011 Magento was acquired by ebay - who also own PayPal. As such the PayPal integration within Magento is well supported. Ebay has invested a great deal of money into Magento to update the code and provide additional support. 

Magento comes in two versions. The Community version is free and designed for start-up e-commerce players and tech savvy users. It is still full-featured but you do require the support of an experience development company. Magento Enterprise is designed for the larger e-commerce players. Costs start at around $15,000 per annum. The Enterprise version adds some functionality to the Community version and well as a Service Level Agreement for support. We believe once a company has many thousands of products and/or well over $1-2m in annual sales then the benefits of the Enterprise version would justify the additional cost. 


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